When the funniest people on the Internet reviewed our fake products.

Because our ads didn't convince you to log onto for #HomesThatDontDiscriminate, we thought these products will help you find a home. #RentAFix just got real. Products are now sold out, but what we have left are their reviews. That too, by the funniest lot online.   Mallika Dua's got Sanskar!   Sahil Shah unboxes his

Presenting Sanskari Nari Kit!

Have you ever lost out on a home to rent because you didn’t look ‘sanskari’ enough? Have the landlords scoffed at the colour of your hair or been scared of the tattoo on your arm? Do not worry, try the kit of sanskari! With the all new Sanskari Nari Kit, you will be transformed into

No Country for Bachelors

India is no country for bachelors if you want to rent a room in any new city or a town. Landlords directly deny rooms to bachelors or have tough entry conditions, which are difficult to follow. The video is made by the good people at The Logical Indian, a public-spirited media. Join the discussion on

Presenting Sacha Paneer Spray!

Have you ever had to eat even the bones from your butter chicken dish so your landlord won’t find out? We bet you have had to do that. No? Maybe only we ate the bones. You might have thrown them far away from the house. Get Sacha Paneer Spray that can make your butter chicken,

Presenting No Barking Mouth Plug!

Have you ever been ejected from a house by the landlord because of your dog? Is your landlady only seeing Furniture Destructing Machine when she sees your dog? Sadly, pets can never find homes on rent. Even if they are with their parents. So, try the brand new No Barking Mouth Plug – a high-tech

#WhatTenantsSay vs #WhatOwnersHear

Looking for a house to rent in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities can be difficult, no matter who you are or what your background is. After all, owners can be extremely judgmental during the “interview” process. No matter how honest and sincere you are, most landlords will usually suspect you of being a pathological

The unsaid truth about home rentals

I grew up in a small town in Orissa and came to Bangalore for work in 2004.The distinction between renting a house in my hometown and renting it in Bangalore always left me puzzled.

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